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Hypnosis Can Help Conquer Addictions

Freedom From AddictionAre you aware that over 23 million Americans struggle with addiction. That is a large portion of the population.

Typically addiction has been defined as physical and psychological dependency on substances such as alcohol, tobacco or other drugs.

The addiction can take over a person’s life to the point where they are out of control.

People who are addicted to drugs or alcohol can become so out of control that they don’t even have a desire to get help.

An addiction can develop as a person tries to cope with or maskĀ  a bad experience from the past or the way they feel.

An addiction is made up of two parts:

  1. The physical side, the addictive behavior.
  2. The emotional side which is the underlying reason for the addiction.

The beginning of the addiction is rooted in the subconscious mind, which makes it extremely difficult for an individual to get control over it. In fact, the reverse usually happens, and the addiction takes control of the person.

When is a person addicted?

According to The American Psychiatric Association, a person is considered addicted when:

  • The desired effect of the substance diminishes after extended use.
  • Tobacco AddictionIncreased amounts of the addictive substance is needed for the person to feel the effect they want.
  • In spite of the knowledge of the damaging effects of the addiction, use of the substance is still repeated.
    • People with DUIs continue to drink and drive.
    • People with lung cancer continue to smoke.
  • As the addiction progresses, great amounts of time, money and effort are spent in obtaining the substance.
    • Sometimes illegal activities are a by product of this effort.

Other types of addictions:

Although when we think of addiction, we primarily think of substance induced addictions, it has been recognized that people can be addicted to other things as well. Some of these addictions are everyday activities.

  • Eating and eating disorders
    • Individuals can be addicted to sugar or chocolate.
    • They can have Anorexia or Bulimia.
    • They can binge or stress eat.
  • Shopping
    • Individuals are always on a shopping spree
    • They buy compulsively.
    • They hide purchases from family members.
    • They continuously spend over budget.
  • Pornography
    • The individual can’t stop using pornography.
    • They lie to their spouse about the time they spend in the activity.
    • They no longer find normal sexual behavior satisfying.
  • Gambling Gambling Addiction
    • A gambler replaces family and work time with gambling.
    • They lie about the money you spend and lose while gambling.
    • They spend money that is needed to pay household bills.
  • Social media
    • There is a total loss of time while on the computer.
    • Family, friends and work become neglected.
  • Work
      • Work is the priority
      • Work early – work late, it can’t be turned off.
      • Work is used as an escape from life.


If your addiction is drug or alcohol related, medical treatment must first be obtained. Hypnosis works as a support to that medical treatment. With a referral from your medical professional, using Hypnotherapy, I can help you work through the causes of your addiction.


Through Hypnosis and NLP, relief from social addictions can be relatively quick. Together we will focus on change for your conscious and subconscious minds, which will control the beliefs, emotions, feelings and behaviors that brought you to the addictive state you may be in.

Call me for a free evaluation and begin your journey to being addiction free.