I lost 45 pounds in only 18 weeks, and my wife Ezzie lost 70 pounds in just over 6 months.
Not by magic, or crazy flash in the pan diets, but by getting motivated, and finding the weight loss techniques and internal commitment to make a change. And we did it without massive exercise or starvation diets. I did not add exercise until I had dropped the first 20 pounds. If we can do it so can you! You will lose weight fast. Imagine 70 lbs in 6 months like Ezzie. Now she goes zip lining and kayaking! The stairs are no longer a chore for her and she loves to shop.

I will be there for you as a friend and weight loss coach. I will offer you support, show you weight loss tips that do work and what does not work. I have seen many people be successful with this program for easy weight loss, not only my wife and myself. Take Shape for Life not only lets you achieve rapid weigh loss in a healthy way, but gives you energy as you burn the fat, and look at how healthy it makes you feel!

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How do you stop smoking?

Everyone knows that smoking is an unhealthy habit, one that could take your life painfully, but it’s also one of the most difficult habits to overcome, mainly because of the addictive properties of nicotine.

"How do I stop smoking?" Hypnosis can help you stop!

As I said before, addictions work on the subconscious mind, a place that holds all the triggers and “reasons” that keep you smoking. Hypnosis therapy can help. Hypnosis is a solution to help you stop smoking. Read more to learn more...

What is hypnosis? Can hypnosis help anxiety?

Many bad habits get a strong hold on us, and though we want to make the change, we don’t feel that we can. Hypnosis therapy combined with NLP has helped people achieve amazing results in their lives, helping them to feel better and be more in control. People feel less anxiety when they feel in control. Hypnosis will help give you confidence.

It’s not so difficult to form a bad habit, they seem to come quite easily, but breaking one usually takes more effort. Every year around New Years, people set goals, many of which are to break bad habits and begin good ones. Often these good intentions are set aside within a few weeks. The determination for change seems to fade into the background. Hypnosis is real. Many men also come to me for sex hypnosis to improve their confidence and quality of life with their spouses.

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When You Worry Too Much about Job Stress

Worry is a type of anxiety that hypnosis therapy can help. Worry or anxiety can be very stressful especially related to job stress. Hypnosis can give you the confidence you need to get your next job.

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Hypnosis to overcome the fear of public speaking

One of the major fears of Americans is the fear of speaking in public.

Most people are intimated to speak to an audience. Hypnosis will give you the confidence and control to speak confidentially and engage your audience.

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Monthly Health Coaching Services

Very often having someone in your corner to cheer you on is what it takes to move forward. But sometimes we need someone to hold us accountable, to create an emotional and logistical framework to build our success on, and to provide action tools to move us forward.

Whether the coaching is for nutrition and weight loss coaching; for motivation in business, sales, writing, public speaking, or is in conjunction with other NLP and Hypnosis services, I will help you achieve your goals, and attain your highest accomplishment for as long as you require my services. This offering is designed to be an ongoing motivational service and is not therapy, though it may certainly result in a more positive attitude and brighter outlook on life.

Health Coaching services are available for $135/month.

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Lost 70 lbs in 7 months!

Ezzie, my wife lost 70 lbs in 7 mths. Here Ezzie is Zip Lining - 64 yrs old & now zipping & off diabetic meds!

I Lost 45 lbs in only 18 weeks!

I have lost 45 lbs following the Shape for Life Program. Ask me about my Health Coaching services.

Lost 44 lbs!

Lynette, a nurse has met a very important goal losing 44 lbs. - from a size XL scrubs down to a SMALL!!!